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Police say they confronted him while he was using a department-issued gas card to fill up his personal vehicle. According to the police report, a struggle ensued, and it took three sets of handcuffs to subdue Ferrell and take him into custody. Later, police found a handgun during a search of his apartment. There were several problems with all of that.

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As a convicted felon, Ferrell is not allowed to own a firearm. He had been terminated from the force, so he was not authorized to use his old police gas card. And he was already serving suspended sentences for his earlier coupon-related crimes, so his latest missteps sent him directly to prison, without bail.

Police staked out the building, and were surprised to see one of their own — Ferrell, a year veteran of the force — breaking into the facility and walking out with stacks of coupon inserts.


Ferrell was arrested, and was convicted a year later. He was given a three-year suspended sentence for breaking and entering, and a one-year suspended sentence for larceny. His now-estranged wife, meanwhile, pleaded guilty earlier this year to a misdemeanor charge of receiving stolen property. If she stays out of trouble for the rest of the year, the conviction will be removed from her record.

No such luck for her former partner in crime, though. Instead of staying out of trouble, he got himself into a whole heap of it.

Under the terms of the agreement, several other charges — including credit card fraud and resisting arrest — were dismissed. Ferrell was sentenced to two years imprisonment on the firearm charge and received a ten-year suspended sentence on the charge of obtaining property under false pretenses. So, technically, it was the gas and the gun that sealed the fate of this former officer of the law.

But it was the coupons that precipitated his ultimate fall from grace. Ferrell now has a couple of long years to think about it. Your email address will not be published.

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