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How do we trust intervention after this? Appreciate the comments. I think I avoided making a serious mistake. Sorry about all the pain I see in these comments…. I just had my second and likely last session. The first treatment was 6 areas, and this time it was only 4. After 3 months the results were very positive and decided to finish it off. I am happy with my results.

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Hi Paul, thank you for sharing your positive experience. While we feel that it is important for patients to be aware of the risk of PAH after CoolSculpting, many patients experience good results with the procedure. We truly are glad that you are happy with your choice. Best wishes! I had Coolsculpting in May on my abdomen. My abdomen now is tight and bigger than ever. I am embarrassed to let anyone see my stomach. I am interested in the Cool Sculpting Program you talk about.

I also will be seeing a physician for liposuction soon. Moreover, she was not helpful or empathetic to my problem and emotions. All she offered was for me to try it again or some other procedure. Similar to many of you, I hate the way my body looks now—I feel worse now than I did prior to getting it done. If anyone here is starting a class action suit, I will join, especially considering the manufacturers misled us with their data.

Did you guys get the massage right after coolsculpting? That could be the reason why you guys had issues. Sorry to hear this guys. I went from looking 5 months pregnant to looking like 12 months pregnant.

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Need I say more. I am really thankful I read this article and all the personal experiences! I just wanted a minor adjustment on my thighs and it seems as I get older its more stubborn to get rid of.


After reading this… I will suck it up and just work harder at the gym! I recall how cheap this was when it first came out and now the prices are outrageous! With risks and costs like this, you may as well just go for surgery, especially if you end up paying for it in the end! I had coolsculpting for love handles…. Just said I would need additional sessions, I had 4. I now look deformed. I had cool sculpting done two years ago. My stomach is hard and large. No amount of diet and exercise help. I was told it is a very rare side effect, but I see it is not. I would never have had the procedure had I known it could be so common.

Hello, I came across this article while researching cryoskin techniques.

It seems that this procedure would avoid this stick of butter effect. What is your take on it? I had cool sculpting in April 9, and ended up with second degree burns on my abdomen. I was told that she did not know what cased it! The only thing she could guess was because I had previously had surgery on my stomach. This procedure has cost me more than Liposuction!!! I ended up with PAH on my abdomen, both the upper and lower abdomen are affected.

The treated area also resulted in a shelf indented area above my belly button. The clinic that provided the Coolsculpting insisted I needed more treatments and continued to provide additional Coolsculpting treatments which failed to resolve the PAH. They also refused to provide me with a refund. Allergan has been a nightmare to deal with! They wanted the treating facility to provide photos, and all records. Additionally,I also needed to be seen by a board certified plastic surgeon and provide Allergan with records with the diagnosis of PAH.

I jumped through every hoop only to be denied corrective treatment! I went back and forth with them for months. Allergan would not refund me the cost of my treatments nor the cost of my consultation with the plastic surgeon. The response I received was that Allergan can approve or deny corrective treatment even with the diagnosis of PAH, the program is offered as a benefit but not a guarantee!!

Allergan should be ashamed of themselves and deserve to be sued! My body is now deformed. I had cool sculpting on my stomach and love handles. I think I did not have enough fat on the love handles, one was a bit bigger though. So, I have disproportion now. One side is like hollow. What can I do?

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And yes, I m gonna suit them. I have had three sessions of cool sculpting with great results. One more to go. Guess I am just lucky?? Nobody ever told me I would need more than one treatment. Over a year ago had the procedure, and still in extreme pain, feels very tight, sore like a sunburn and feels bruised, and my stomach and the rest of me have gotten bigger, with diet and exercise. What a waste of money,time and wasted time with the pain. I need to work with the office that did the work for a refund and I will be contacting Allergan.

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Now I have to wait a year for the fat to break down and spend more money to have liposuction, but worse, I have to live with the large lump and pain in the front of my neck. I would get involved if a class action suit appears. I wondered later if it was some type of gout syndrome as the fat cells are eliminated. At the time, however summer , not making the connection to Coolsculpting, my discomfort became so great after 2 or 3 days I went to an ER, wondering if I was having a gall bladder attack or even heart attack. Hours of tests later, including an MRI of the gall bladder, I got the all-clear.

Within a day or two I was back to normal. Am considering having my abdomen done although I realize there are more nerve endings there. I may change my mind!

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$179 for 3 Zerona Treatments, a Wellness Consultation and a Nutritional Evaluation (a $1,000 Value)

I had fat freezing done by Nicole at Skinsational clinic. I was left with permanent burns and scarring which will not fade. The company is dissolved and no insurer can be traced. Do the operators need a license for the machinery i want to make sure they dont damage someone else. Hello Fatimah, We are sorry to hear about your bad experience.

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To answer your question, it varies from state to state who can legally obtain CoolSculpting machines and what credentials are required to perform the procedure. In most states, a licensed physician must own and supervise the practice for CoolSculpting to be provided there. Depending on where you live, it may be legal for a licensed aesthetician to perform the treatment, or the practice may be limited to state-licensed doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

Cool Sculpting destroyed my formerly smooth skin on my belly. I still wore a bikini. Now, I would not at all wear a two-piece. What a terrible mistake. I got 2 coolsculpting treatments in and ended up with a bigger belly and deformed. Absolutely depressing! My provider Houston, Texas has ignored me completely.