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My new rifle is going on a diet to keep everything light. Plus, the T1 even though it's smaller, is really uncluttered with no battery box in the way. You can just leave it on for those things that go bump in the night,and it will be GTG for the next 5 years or so. I picked one up last month to replace my old M-3 Streamlight and was amazed how bright it was. The X puts out lumens max output. DZhitshard, Sent, Thanks! GhettoBlaster I may have porked Marilyn Manson. Infidel, PM sent. Ground Pounder, PM sent.

Runcible aggressive balls. Infidel, Glad to hear about someone getting time with the SR, after the primary weapons forum topic on the weapon. Good way to get settled in here, too.

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Could you elaborate on the issues with the selector switch? Very interested to hear more about the rifle as you get more time with it, and get it fully equipped. SamSeven Member. Thanks for the review infidel. This is the first time I've seen anyone review this rifle, and it's good to see that it's running well. I just wanted to drop a line in here and say thanks to everyone for really helping out along the way with this project.

It's really nice to have a place like this to get the best advice. A question was raised about the selector switch being flimsy. What I mean is that if you think a military M4 or LE M4 when you move the selector from safe to semi you get a "crisp" feeling for a lack of better term.

On the SR could just be mine it feels like the selector is a little loose and not as "crisp" as selector's I have operated before. Plan on calling Ruger and asking for more info on this. Sorry for the light review, as I go on with this rifle I will let this board know everything that goes on with it. Another question was raised about how I picked it up for I basically took hold of our local economy here north of Cincinnati. I went into the shop that I frequent and as usual started up conversation with the owner. I was going through the local rifles that people bring in to sell and put my eyes on the SR.

The shop itself had the rifle listed at After years of loyalty and a little talking I told him I will give him I guess it was a offer he could not resist! Hope this helps everyone! Thanks again.. The standard is x Fix it or it will be fixed for you. Infidel, once you get AJ squared away with all your cool guy parts, look at investing on a can for that stick!!

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Nothing beats the sound of the PPppssstt.. Plan on calling Ruger and asking for more info on this.. I'll attach pics here soon. Thanks James for the mount! The only thing left is the aimpoint and larue mount. This is my first time doing this type of paint job and I think it came out well. Let me know what you think So I'm in need of the expert advice given in this forum.

I would like to know what people run for a buttstock. I have played with the Voltr but never actually used it. I want a great stock to put on this but I'm currently inbetween the MP stocks and the Voltr's Any advice to anything else on the rifle would be great. Also stuck between EoTech and Aimpoint sights I love the E-mod, plenty of room for batteries and other nice-to-haves. Really depends on the length of pull you're looking for. The differences lie in reliability, functionality, and battery life.

Aimpoint beats out Eotech on all three. However, if you get dead set on an Eo, I'd go for one of the new models that requires only one CR battery. I am running a MOE stock now and I really like it.

There are alot of great choices out there, you cant go wrong with any that were mentioned. Here is a quick little video of how well the rifle fires and also how little kick, and great control it has Ruger SR KClapp Steely Eyed. Originally posted by GhettoBlaster: Fucking A! That, Gentlemen, is class. Well thank's to DZ they are both gone! Now just saving for the Aimpoint. Nerves Member. Great Price on that Ruger! What did you use for the paint job? Grendelizer Long Time Posting Guy. I, paint job looks good and thanks for your report. I follow all piston-gun developments with interest, looking for the "holy grail" of AR pistons, to see who can maintain AR accuracy while giving us AK reliability.

I look forward to seeing you check in now and then to let us know how its performing.


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Grendelizer, I have to be honest man, this is the first gas piston AR I have fired. From shooting it, I don't think my M4 in the military ever felt as good as this Ruger does. Verify eligibility online to receive discount code source.

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