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12 years in jail for shoplifting: how Walmart is helping prosecutors hike up sentences

These coupons used by the associates were approved by an assistant mamanger, front end supervisor and accounting associates. They facts are that these employees asked if the coupon was okay to use and still got arrested. Why do they have to be dreamers? Quit assuming and get educated..

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Gift Card Fraud Prevention

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Walmart targeted in online free coupon scam | PunditFact

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Coupon Fraud: What is Coupon Fraud? How to Avoid Coupon Fraud.

Because at Coupons In The News, we believe an educated consumer is the best couponer! Lawson had at least three outstanding warrants, most of which were related to traffic violations, including a DUI.

Walmart targeted in online free coupon scam

On 9 January, a warrant was issued for Lawson that escalated his shoplifting charge to a felony because, according to the arrest affidavit, Lawson was not allowed to be inside Walmart at all. Therefore his return fraud was a burglary — a felony punishable by up to 12 years of prison.

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It turned out that Lawson had been arrested for shoplifting a bra over four years earlier from another Walmart location. They are not consistently enforced: Lawson, for example, had entered Walmart locations countless times since receiving his notification. He had made returns, purchased goods, and even showed his ID to buy food using his EBT card, all without a problem.

The only people who have access to the notices are loss prevention staff. The law in Tennessee is confusing when it comes to prosecuting shoplifters on felony charges, so the decision is left to local prosecutors.

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Charme Allen, the Knox county district attorney, vowed after the Jensen appellate decision to keep up-charging shoplifters anyway. These prosecutions have been a valuable tool to protect businesses from repeat offenders and to ensure that Knox County remains a safe place for businesses to operate.

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Walmart, in particular, has come under fire in the past for hiring too few employees a cost-cutting measure , and then relying heavily on publicly funded local police to handle their shoplifting problem. Across the country, more state legislatures are increasing the penalties for multiple shoplifting offenses, a move that has been encouraged by the National Retail Federation , a trade group that lobbies on behalf of retail businesses.

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  • The Federation represents the interests of both small businesses — mom-and-pop shops — and big megastores like Walmart and Dollar Store. The only information out there comes from the National Retail Federation itself. In Tennessee , the push to make penalties for shoplifting harsher came from the Tennessee Retailer Association and the state representative from Knoxville , Jason Zachary , whose profile notes that he is a small business owner.

    The legislation also allows local law enforcement to keep the value of stolen gift cards as forfeiture money.