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Easy mode: shoot your subject moving across the frame and either disappearing behind an object or off screen. Hard but worth it mode: shoot a scene that can create an infinite loop within a masked object. Then, using Adobe After Effects, mask out that object and create an endless loop by pairing a layer inside of a layer that grows and grows.

Repeat this until you have a section of your clip that loops perfectly. How to do it: Shoot your photos at an equal distance away from your subject in a semi or full circle. If you want to apply a stop motion effect on a moving subject, repeat the above steps with your subject moving in equal distances while you shoot in place.

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As always, the more time you invest into perfecting your shots, the cooler your final result will look. How to nail it: Take multiple shots for a smoother, more realistic animation. Next-level your shots by using string and chalk to mark off your exact distance from the subject each time. Put your doodles in a new dimension with the Galaxy Note So go all out. How to nail it: Practice. And practice some more. Great content makers shoot the same scene countless times to get the perfect shot—you should be doing the same here. How to do it: Think of a fun scene with an element of motion—something that would translate well when played back in reverse.

Film your clip using the Super Slow-mo feature on your Galaxy device, then choose the reverse playback option. Some dramatic scenes, such as throwing something in the air, benefit from being shot in slow motion—so try playing with that idea, too.

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How to nail it: Keep certain elements of the scene consistent, and include lots of distinct moving objects like liquids, vehicles, or in our case, flowers. How to do it: Aim for scenes that are full of movement and show something unique—an activity that will create an interesting clip when the action is slowed way down.

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Once you have your scene set up, record the amazing action using the Super Slow-mo feature. How to nail it: Lighting is KEY for slow motion, so make sure the lighting for the video is on point. For epic results, shoot outdoors in natural sunlight to avoid a flickering effect that artificial lighting often creates.

How to do it: Shoot multiple motion clips while changing out a single element each time.

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For believability, shoot continuously and lock exposure and focus so your lighting is consistent. Once shot, use an advanced editing app like Adobe Premiere Rush to cut your clips at the same point in each motion, color correct and combine them side by side to create a seamless motion. Repeat as necessary for multiple changes in your scene. Re:free coupon code by lakehill on Jan 2, 10 AM. Prettyseahorse Sea Anemone 2 Posts. Re:free coupon code by Prettyseahorse on Jan 9, 10 PM.

Re:free coupon codes by smrocco on Jan 22, 10 AM. You can also get free coupon codes for games on [url removed by moderator].

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It will take you to a site to get free and discounted games from big fish games. I got six free games last month. Re:free coupon codes by lackoo on Jan 22, 10 AM. Re:free coupon code by pinkycandy on Feb 6, 10 AM. Re:free coupon codes by soblessed57 on Feb 6, 10 AM. Re:free coupon code by bfgCelebes on Feb 6, 10 PM. Hi folks, Just as a heads up, I had to edit a few posts in this thread. Reinbell Sea Anemone 1 Posts. Re:free coupon code by Reinbell on May 13, 10 PM. I need a coupon code for ranch rush 2 can anyone help? Re:free coupon code by genkicoll on May 13, 10 PM.

It doesn't quite work that way. Game codes of this type are promotions, usually for specific games. Since the Collector's Edition games have started coming out, I have not seen any promotions for free or reduced price CE games. At this time , you cannot use game credits or coupon codes towards CE games.

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Schmoopy02 Sea Anemone 1 Posts. Re:free coupon code by Schmoopy02 on May 20, 10 AM.

Seem rather unfair as CE games are the most expensive. Has stopped me from purchasing certain games. There is more incentive to buy when you could get a less popular game, that another family member may enjoy, free. Especially to members. Re:free coupon code by genkicoll on Jun 15, 10 PM. There is still a promotion to get a percentage off of Return to Ravenhearst, but I don't think there are any more free coupon codes for RTR. If you give up, send me a PM and I'll give you the promotion code Or you can look it up in the? LizzieK Whale Shark 16, Posts.

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This can also be a gift to yourself if you have not yet played this game. I don't recall reading anything about that! I am a club member and I got the email today from BF.